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RockFire returns for our seventh year with an expanded schedule of events creating a weekend-long celebration at Millstone Hill in Websterville, Vermont. All of your favorites are back, including Emily Nyman, Art Zorn and the Pyrophone Fire Organ.

Friday night’s Heritage Walk will be held at Millstone Hill. This walk is more family-friendly, an all abilities event with half of the pathway being wheel chair accessible. The Heritage Walk, which will be lit by luminaries and campfires creating a pathway leading to stages with actors retelling Barre’s past. There will also be live music, and food.

Saturday’s signature evening includes a Bobby Watts concert, various fire performances and a bagpipe fanfare opening the RockFire walk which is a different experience from Friday’s walk with musicians and granite sculptures.

Important Announcement: We are so sorry to announce that The Iron Guild will not be able to perform at this years RockFire Festival.  We have just been notified that due to an injury to one of the key performers, they will not be able to attend.  We realize that The Iron Guild is an important part of the RockFire experience for many of you.  Though it will be impossible to replicate what they do, we will be filling The Iron Guild time slot with a mix of other “fire performances” that we hope you will enjoy.


Friday June 29th, all ages welcome:

7pm–midnight Heritage Night
Benefiting the installation of the Temple of Hephaestus, the first major sculptural work to be erected at the Grand Lookout.

Enjoy food from: Northern Fire and Slice wood fired pizzas, Mediteranian Mix and Artisano Ice Cream.

7:00 Ian Gauthier
7:30 Bobby Watt
8:00 Denise Ricker & Art Zorn
8:45 Emily Nyman
9:30 Never Too Late

8pm–midnight. The Granite Heritage FireWalk
Recommended ages 7+. No dogs.
Timed groups of people will depart approximately every half hour for the Heritage Walk – first come, first served. Walking shoes recommended! The Heritage Walk follows a completely different pathway and experience than Saturday’s FireWalk and is designed to be accessible to every level of mobility, with half of the pathway being wheel chair accessible. Guests can choose to do the entire 2 mile walk, estimated to take 1.75 hours, or just half of the walk, which is estimated to take about 1 hour. The Heritage walk leads you through the storytelling of Barre’s amazing and colorful granite story from its original Abenaki origins to today’s revival. Meet William Barclay, E L Smith, Maria Corti, Carlo Abate and a host of colorful characters as they relate their powerful personal stories. All ages will be welcomed, although we do not recommend bringing children under 7 years old.  Dogs are not allowed.

The first walk will start at 8pm, for those preferring not to walk in the dark.
The first candle lit walk will begin at 9:15pm, with groups departing every 15 minutes after that.

Tickets: $10 per person, or $25 for a family (2 adults & 2 children. Additional children $5 each)
Can be purchased through the Barre Opera House: (802) 476-8188  BarreOperaHouse.org
And day-of at Millstone Hill.

Saturday June 30th

All Day Millstone Trails will be open to the public for walking and exploring of the abandoned quarry sites and quarry ruins found only on Millstone Hill, Vermont’s manmade natural wonder.

7pm to midnight 7th Annual RockFire FireWalk Ages 10+ (map)
7pm Bobby Watts Concert. Settle under the tent and watch the world-class sunset atop Millstone Hill. Bring your own picnic or enjoy food from our varied choice of vendors including: Northern Fire and Slice wood fired pizzas, Artisano Ice Cream, and Mediterranean Mix serving lasagna, moussaka, samosas and more.

Cielle’s Light Keepers from Southern Vermont will perform Tai Ji sabre and double fan forms.
Tai Ji Double Fan Form: Combining movements from Chinese dance and Tai Ji Ch’uan, the fans are a natural extension of our “inner fire” energy, improving strength, flexibility, and balance.
Tai Ji Sabre Form: Cultivating “inner fire”, the sabre is used in this form as a spiritual implement making many movements that together form small paths, as someone writing calligraphy-in midair, without ink. The sword-person tracks the path of the sword as a means of contemplation, projecting mental concentration beyond the body and mind into the outside world.  In practice, hands, eyes, body form and footwork are well co-ordinated resulting in a force which is continuous and unbroken. The form retains the aura of a fierce tiger. Tai Ji Sabre Form: Helen Hawes, Lise Messier, Virginia Scholl, Jill Keil.
Tai Ji Double Fan Form: Helen Hawes, Lise Messier, Elizabeth Pittman, Virginia Scholl, Wendy Wilson.

At 9:30 The Catamount Pipe Band will commence the Signature FireWalk with their opening Bagpipe Fanfair as they lead the first group to the entrance of the 1.5 mile luminary-lit FireWalk pathway, featuring 6 stages containing live performances recreating the sounds the Scottish, Italian and French Canadian ethnic groups represented in Barre’s colorful granite past. Our 2018 line-up includes:
Ellen Krajewski
Gordon’s Granite Calliope
Italian Village Dance
Denise Ricker & Linda Young
Arthur Zorn
Aaron Marcus & Joanne Garton
Emily Nyman
Scott Campbell
Antionette Jacobson’s Pyrophone
Scott Forrest

Concert & FireWalk Tickets: $25 per adult, $15 ages 10-17
Can be purchased through the Barre Opera House: (802) 476-8188  BarreOperaHouse.org
And day-of at Millstone Hill.

No dogs allowed on walk. We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes, layers in case it gets chilly, and perhaps a bit of bug spray. The use of headlamp-flashlights is prohibited, and we request those who insist on using flashlights be considerate of others.

Sunday, July 1st

All Day Millstone Trails will be open to the public for walking and exploring of the abandoned quarry sites and quarry ruins found only on Millstone Hill, Vermont’s manmade natural wonder.

  • Parking available on-site.
  • Trails are alcohol-free.  We reserve the right to deny trail access to any one under the influence.

Artists & Musicians

Arthur Zorn & Denise Ricker
Bobby Watt
Emily Nyman, vocals & guitar
Gordon’s Granite Calliope
Never Too Late (Hilde Ojibway, Adam Sorscher & Gabe Brison)

Aaron Marcus & Joanne Garton
Antoinette Jacobson, pyrophone
Arthur Zorn
Bobby Watt
Catamount Pipe Band
Denise Ricker & Linda Young
Ellen Krajewski
Emily Nyman
Gordon’s Granite Calliope
Italian Village Dance
Scott Campbell fiddle
Scott Forrest, acoustic guitar

See Sculptors & Installation Artists


Keepers of the Fire and other volunteers needed. Learn more about how you can help make ROCKFIRE a great success!



59 Little John Road, Websterville, VT
June 29-30, 2018
Map & Directions
(802) 479-1000
Mail: Box 44, Websterville, VT 05678

September 29, 2018

Ticket Sales

Advance tickets available at:

  • Barre Opera House, (802) 476-8188 or BarreOperaHouse.org
  • Day-of at The Lodge at Millstone Hill, 59 Little John Road, Websterville

Pricing can be found at here.