Please consider helping in our fundraising efforts by volunteering for ROCKFIRE. For more information on volunteer opportunities please contact:

Pierre Couture millstonehill@aol.com 0r phone 802-479-1000.

Keepers of the Fire

We are planning on building and lighting 40 bonfires for the ROCKFIRE event.  Preparing these is a huge undertaking.  If you have a few hours available in the next several weeks and would like to help in preparing the fuel for fires or would like to help in keeping the fires going during the event itself please contact us. Groups such as Boy Scout troops, sports teams and others have already signed on.  If you can help pull together such a group, please let us know.  We have lots of openings for individuals as well.

Gate Keepers

We are looking for a number of individuals to help with parking, crowd management and information distribution.  If you can help us out for an hour or two during the event, we will be sure to leave enough time open to allow you to partake in ROCKFIRE as well.